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4 Things That You Cannot Do When You Are Out Of Jail On A Bond

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When you are locked up in jail, you may need to have someone post bond for you in order to be released. A bond is an amount of money that is placed over you to ensure that you have an incentive to stay in the area and await your trial. The following guide walks you through a few things you need to know before agreeing to have someone post bond for you.

You Cannot Leave the State

When you are released on bond, you must stay in the state where the bond was established. If you leave the state, your bond can be revoked right away because you will be considered a flight risk. You will have to check in with the bond company on a daily basis. Some companies require you to come see them in person while others simply require you to call them every day.

You Cannot Participate in Illegal Activity

If you are caught participating in any illegal activity, your bond can be revoked instantly. The bail bond company can ask to randomly drug test you, if he or she feels that there is a chance you are doing drugs while you are out on bond. If you are arrested for illegal activities, your bond is automatically revoked and you will have to stay in jail until your hearing takes place.

You Cannot Miss a Court Date

There are often many times when you may have to make numerous appearances in court, especially if the case has many details that must be covered. You need to be sure that you show up to each and every court appearance. If you miss an appearance, the bond company can throw you back in jail right away.

You Cannot Make Someone Think You Are a Flight Risk

If you tell someone that you are going to flee, that you would like to flee, or that you do not care about the bond, it can be revoked. The bond company does not want to lose their money and the person that signed the bond for you does not want to lose money either. Any discussion of fleeing can be seen as a risk and cause you to go back to jail.

If you think that you can abide by these rules, call someone to bail you out of jail. Be sure that you abide by all of these guidelines so that the bond does not get revoked and to ensure that the person who posted bond for you is not left paying for the entire amount because you decided to be lazy or selfish by missing a court appearance. Contact Brad's Bail Bonds for more information.