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How To Feel Like A Millionaire Without Having To Invest Like One

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Investments are an excellent way to build your financial future, but many futures require particularly large amounts of money to invest. Most middle class investors just do not have that kind of dough, but they still want to invest in the same things that millionaires and the upper class do. There is one sure-fire way you can accomplish your goal of feeling like a millionaire without having to invest like one. "E-minis" are mini futures contracts that you buy and sell online through standard trading companies. Here is how the "e-mini" works.

Create an Online Trading Account

Most of the brokers that offer in-person help and office locations have online trading accounts that completely bypass the broker. These accounts allow you to pick and choose what you want to invest in, and there are several e-mini futures offered. The most preferred e-mini investments are the NASDAQ e-mini or the S&P 500 e-mini, as investing in either of these spreads your money out over several companies who are members of either group. You can also invest in gold, silver, copper, oil, heating oil, gasoline, soybean, corn, technology and many other e-mini futures.

Invest with Very Little

Like penny stocks (but with much better yields!), you can invest in e-minis with as little as two to five dollars per share with a minimum of a couple thousand dollars to start. (If you want, you can select an interactive broker account online, but then you need several grand to open this kind of "e-account".) E-mini investments expire quarterly, so you do have to cash out before the expiration date in order to reinvest, but most investors accept the shortened terms as a way to invest little and gain a lot in a short time. In a way, it also protects the amount you invest by making sure you do not lose everything if the market dips close to the expiration date. It is also advisable to check your e-mini shares daily, especially if you invest in gold, silver or other particularly valuable assets.

Yield a Lot

As many of the online investment charts show, the few dollars you invest in e-mini futures can yield quite a lot after a few months. If you cash out quarterly and reinvest with your profits, you may eventually have enough money to trade in the big money markets. The experience you get from trading in e-minis will also help you select which of the bigger investments you want to put your money into, unless you would rather continue reinvesting in e-minis and taking fewer risks with your nest egg. If you are not sure what direction to take next, consult with a broker as it may be time to have the professionals step in and advise you.