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Emergency Veterinarian Bill For Your Dog? Raise Some Quick Cash With These Suggestions

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If your dog is sick, but you do not have any available cash until you get paid on Friday to pay for a veterinarian visit, then this is no time to panic. By employing the suggestions below, you can have enough money to pay for a vet visit for your dog before the sun sets today!

Hold a Doggy Bake Sale

Dog owners are always looking for new treats that are safe to feed to their furry family members. They are also generally people who care about the well-being of all dogs. To this end, you can bake some dog-safe treats with items you likely already have in your kitchen's pantry. 

Wrap the dog treats with clear plastic wrap, with a home computer printed label explaining you are holding a fundraiser to help pay for your dog's necessary veterinary care. You can include a photo of your dog and their name on the treats. Also, you should include the ingredients used in the treats so that dog owners can check for any food allergies their dogs may have.

Offer to Walk Dogs

Even the most well-intentioned dog owners don't walk their dogs as much as their dogs need and would like. This is often a source of guilt for dog owners. To turn this need into some quick cash today, you should place a quick advertisement on your local social media groups explaining that your dog needs emergency care and you would like to offer dog walking service to help pay for the bill.

Other dog owners will respond to your need and will appreciate that you are willing to work to earn the money. You may even gain a nice side business walking dogs when people see how much better their dogs act after having proper exercise.

Offer to Clean Up After Dogs

While it may not be glamorous, all dog owners need someone to clean their dog's waste from the yard. This is another service you can offer that will fill your day with paying clients from a single free advertisement on social media. In fact, you may find dog owners who would like you to regularly walk and clean up after their dogs.

Get an Online Cash Advance

Finally, if you do not have the time or ability to employ the suggestions above, then you can always obtain a quick cash advance online. Payday loans will allow you to get the cash today to pay your dog's vet, and then you can repay the loan on your next payday.